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After the Disaster

Life's unfortunate event destroyed your stuff.

The emotional toll is already enough to bare; and the insurance adjuster is going to be showing up at your doorstep. You don't have an inventory of your contents, and you're likely up against a deadline to submit the proper claims forms.

Take Action

Contact Your Agent- After a fire, theft or natural disaster, contact your agent immediately and let them now what has happened. They are there to help you.

Contact UsWe are a 3rd Party Inventory Service, who has no ties to your insurance company. We can assist you in the proof-of-loss documentation that is going to be required as part of your claim.

Do Not Clean, Document the Damage - Although you may feel the urge to start cleaning up, it is vitally important that you first document the damage with as you see it. This allows the agent or adjuster to fully understand the extent of your situation. We can assist you in photos and documentation

If it is Safe To Do*.... if not a total loss, now is the time to gather receipts and important documents if they are stored on site. These include your homeowners or business insurance policy, proof-of-purchase receipts or appraisal documents. 

We Are Here to Help You Maximize Your Insurance Claim

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