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Frequently Asked Questions

What About My Privacy?

Privacy and Confidentiality are always a concern anytime a service professional enters your home. We understand this concern and are very diligent to protect the privacy of our clients. To address this concern, we are bonded and insured. We also sign a strict confidentiality agreement as part of our service contract. But moreover, we encourage client participation. You can be envolved as much or as little as you choose in the inventory process. Before we begin any inventory, we let you guide us on a tour through your home. It is during this tour that we listen to any concerns or issues that you may have with any of your rooms or items. We also ask what you wish and do not wish to have inventoried. Additionally, we have sought out certification with the National Inventory Certification Association. This association not only adds credibility to our service, but offers ongoing education opportunities and credentials for our business so that you can be sure that you are recieving a quality product. Your Privacy is our #1 Focus.

What Happens To The Information That Is Recorded?

During the onsite inventory process, we compile detailed descriptions and photos of your personal property for entry into our Secure Business Software. Following the completion of a home or business inventory, we will prepare a comprehensive reporting package which includes detailed item reports including their pictures. We offer two key reports and summaries so that you can easily view your property details.

  1. Inventory by Location
  2. Inventory by Category
Once you have verified the accuracy of our reports, we finalize your inventory and provide you with additional material to complete your comprehensive package. All information gathered at your location will be returned to you in the report. Additional Material You Recieve:
  • Data CD or Zip Drive containing the Digital Versions of all of your reports
  • Client Information Package and Documents
    • Getting the most out of Insurance Claims
    • Ensuring Proper Insurance Coverage
    • Monthly Home Protection Tips
    • Protecting Valuables with Photo Records
    • Home Improvement Payback Tips
    • Estate Planning Guide.

What If My Home Is Too Messy For An Inventory?

Rest assured, my house is lived in too! The most important thing is that we can see the items. We're etremely flexible, and will work with you to record the maximum amount of detail for the personal property in your home. No mess is greater than our passion to help you stay protected and prepared.

Can't I Just Do This Myself?

You Absoluetly Can, and we highly encourage you to not delay in completing this important task. But have you done it yet? We hire professionals to cut our grass, clean our homes, manage our finances, assess our heating and cooling, fix our plumbing, etc... We're the professional your looking for to complete the tedious task of your home inventory.

What Should I Do With This Report?

Once you have recieved our product the #1 Priority is to: STORE THE REPORTS IN A SAFE LOCATION! We suggest that you either store the report in a secure off-site location such as a safe deposit box, or utilize our safe storage solution services. If a fire, theft or a natural disaster comprimises or consumes your home, then quick access to these reports could be worth thousands of dollars to you when you go to make an insurance claim. Additionally, we strongly suggest that you contact your insurance agent to inform them that you have a home inventory and would like to ensure that you have adequte insurance coverage for the personal property in your household.

How Much Does A Home or Business Inventory Cost?

Your Peace of Mind is our purpose. That's why we offer 3 different pricing options so that you can have the confidence in knowing that your everyday personal property items are indeed secured into your homeowners policy. Think about all of the contents of your home and what each one cost you. Your TV, your couches, your end tables. your window treatments, your coats, your BBQ grill, and all of the other items you are forgetting. The price adds up. Our comprehensive services are priced to cover the contents of your entire home for less than what you spent on just one "big ticket" personal property item that you could be forgetting after losing it in a disaster. Our services range from $0.19 - $0.29 per square foot of your home. Hourly Rates and Individual Room rates are also available

Personal Property Documentation

Insurance Agent & Financial Planner Recommended

Protection and Peace of Mind

We agree with Insurance Agents and Financial Planners who recommend that all homeowners maintain comprehensive home inventory documentation to maximize and simplify insurance claims.