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  • Scheduled Appointment and Walk Through
    Upon our arrival to your scheduled appointment, we will go over our step-by-step process and request a walk through of your home. It is during the walk through that we explain what are looking for. We will ask you to point out items of interest such as collectibles, items in storage areas, etc.. This will provide an opportunity to get to know us and help you establish a comfort level with having us in your home. The walk through will provide us a better feel of your home's contents, the level of detail required and estimated time required.
  • The Inventory
    After the walk through, we like to begin the Inventory Process outside by capturing photos of the house itself. Items outside such as patio furniture, grills and decorative pieces are processed during this time. We will then start the interior recording process by going room-to-room in a step-by-step process, photographing and documenting the details of your personal property (serial #'s, model #'s and item descriptions.)
  • Reporting Portfolio
    Following your on-site inventory, we will take the recorded data back to our office, upload the photos, and update our secure buisness software. We will then create your Comprehensive Inventory Portfolio which containes Detailed Printed Reports, Data Drive and Client Info Package. If you opted for a secure HomeZada account, we will upload all photos to that account and begin the data entry. Depending on the amount of detail required for your inventory, it typically takes 5-7 business days to fully prepare your final Portfolio. We take your privacy very seriously. Any private information otained on paper will be either shredded or provided to you in your package.
  • Delivery & Review
    Once your inventory portfolio is ready, we will contact you to set up an appointment to personally deliver it to your home. We will review the Portfolio with you which takes approximately 15 minutes, answer any questions and collect the final payment. If you prefer to have the portfolio mailed, we will notify you that we mailed it via FedEx, UPS or USPS so that we have tracking and confirmation that it had arrived. If your chosen inventory package does not contain Free Updates, then you will have 14 days to review the reports and inform us of any corrections that need to be made. After the 14 days, a small fee will apply to perform any updates to your inventory.
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Your Path to Peace of Mind is Easy

Home Inventory is a BIG task, we are the professionals who get it done.

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Call us today to schedule a free consultation. We will answer any questions you have and discuss how and why we conduct a home inventory

Get Inventoried

Spend time doing more of what you love while a Certified Inventory Specialist crosses the most important item off of your to do list.

Be confident you're getting the most out of your insurance 

If life's unfortunate event  shows up at your doorstep, you'll be able to take the right step forward with the documentation you need.

You may be involved as much or as little as you like. We encourage client participation to ensure maximum accuracy, but we also realize that your time is valuable and you hired us to accomplish the task for you. If you choose to complete other tasks while we are conducting an inventory, we will promptly notify you that we have concluded our process and are preparing to leave.


We do, however, require that you be present during the documentation of jewelry and any other small or high-priced items that you may want us to document

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