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Why You Need a Home Inventory

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Take a minute and imagine yourself in your home.

Think about what your home means to you and your family. Think about how hard you have worked to provide your family with the comfort and enjoyment of everything you have in your home.

Now, imagine yourself standing safely across the street with your family at 3:00 in the afternoon watching firefighters battle a blaze that is ripping through your home.

Now What?

Could you place yourself in your home and accurately account for everything in it?

This is exactly what you may have to do when you go to file a homeowner’s insurance claim.

A Home Inventory is a pretty simple concept. It’s a list of all of your personal possessions and their associated values. It may seem like a never-ending task, but having one is worth its weight in gold.

No, we are not talking about the structural components of your home, as those things are very easy items to calculate the replacement costs. We are talking about the things that are covered in your Homeowner’s Policy as “Personal Property.”

What's in a Home Inventory?

A Home Inventory entails everything in your house that would fall out if you turned your house upside down.

Your furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes, kitchen ware, collectible items, and lawn equipment are just a few of the items that you may be required to inventory if you are faced with making an insurance claim. Trust me, there is so much more you’re forgetting.

Can you prove you owned what you’re claiming you lost?

For many items, serial numbers and descriptions are required and a great way to ensure that you receive proper replacement. Is your 65-inch TV a top of the line model or a standard model? There is a price difference. What was the model and serial number of your vacuum? Do you have a prized collection or firearms?

A Home Inventory with photos and written documentation ensure that you can receive proper reimbursement for what you lost. Everything you forget or do not have documentation for can be money you lose.

What Other Ways Can a Home Inventory Benefit Me?

Ensuring Proper Insurance Coverage: You definitely do not want to find out that you are under-insured after you have a disaster. Having a documented and updated inventory is the best tool that you and your Insurance Agent can have to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage to protect your personal property.

Speeding Up an Insurance Claim: Being in a position to have to remember everything you own after a disaster is stressful enough. Add in the time deadlines of completing the claim documentation and the stress can be unbearable. But by prioritizing and conducting a Home Inventory today you are already giving you family the right step forward after the unthinkable happens.

Proof of Uninsured Losses: You can receive tax breaks or disaster relief if you have the proper documentation. A comprehensive Home Inventory can be the only form of documentation you have to help you prove you owned what you are claiming you lost.

No one goes to sleep at night thinking that they will have to file an insurance claim tomorrow. We offer peace of mind with home inventories that give your family the right step forward after the unthinkable happens.

Visit us at today to learn more about the Report and Photo Packages You Need for a Faster Insurance Claim Process.

  • Filing an Insurance Claim Should Be Simple.

  • Capital View Inventory helps you to maximize and simplify an insurance claim.

  • We Prepare the best personal property inventories, because your family deserves the right step forward after the unthinkable happens.

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