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The Best Spring Project is a Home Inventory.

April is National Home Inventory Month and here is why $87,526 should push this task to the top of your To-Do-List.


Why April?

The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) has designated the month of April as National Home Inventory Month.

With sunshine and warmer weather on the horizon, tackling the To-Do-List of outside projects and spring cleaning endeavors are starting to rise to the top of everyone's minds.

This is why April is the perfect month to establish awareness and education around the concept of a Home Inventory.

With being stuck indoors all winter, (for some the whole year in 2020) you have likely scrolled through stories on the internet or binged your favorite Netlix show about how to declutter, organize your life or take on a minimalist lifestyle. A Home Inventory fits perfectly into these concepts.


What is a Home Inventory and Why Do I Need One?

Imagine taking the roof off of your home, turning it upside down and watching everything you own fall to the ground.

The contents that are now scattered all over your lawn for the neighbors to see are what's known in the insurance world as your Personal Property, and a Home Inventory helps you protect that personal property.

A home inventory is actually a pretty simple concept. It is a detailed record of all of the possessions that are within your home.

You may be thinking,

"I just don't have that much stuff in my home to worry about having a detailed record of it. I already have insurance coverage protecting my possessions."

Well, you would be surprised at how fast the value of your personal property ads up!