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Custom Home Inventories

We Help You Recover From Unexpected Disasters

Fires, natural disasters and theft strike without warning. Get a pre-prepared Home Inventory so your family can enjoy a fast recovery from the unexpected.

Inventory Packages start at $359

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Remember More

Recover Faster

Save Time and Money

Items you forget to place on Insurance Claims can add up to thousands of lost dollars.

Your Insurance Company requires loss documentation to reach a proper settlement.

Relying on your memory to guide you through an insurance claim only compounds the stress you feel after suffering a disaster.

Without a Home Inventory, You're at a Serious Disadvantage.

homezada - be prepared with a home inven

You work too hard to lose everything and not recover.

You may not feel like your Homeowner's Insurance is a contract, but if you suffer a fire, natural disaster or theft and don't have a Home Inventory in place, you stand to lose more than just your stuff. 

Inventory Packages start at $359

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We Document Your Entire Home and Place it in the Palm of Your Hand.

Your Insurance Agent has probably recommended that you complete a Home Inventory.


(But who has the time, or the desire, to complete that monumental task?)


We are Certified Inventory Specialists who turn a task that you don't want to do into protection that can be worth thousands of dollars if life's unfortunate event shows up at your doorstep. 

Inventory Packages start at $359

The Documentation You Need for the Peace of Mind You Deserve

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Photo Documentation
Mobile & Desktop Accessible
PDF & Excel Reports
Appraisal Examinations 
Easy Claims Submission

Let's See

What your Insurance Says

Inventory Packages start at $359

"How to Get the Most out of your Insurance"

Home Inventory -  "it’s the best way to be prepared for potential losses — it’ll help you provide a detailed list to your agent of the items lost in the event your home is damaged or destroyed, allowing you to get the most out of your coverage."

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Craig PlassmeyerCIS, CAE

Few people recognize the need for a home inventory to complement their insurance policy...

until after they need one. 

With a 10+ year career in Fire & Emergency Services, I can assure you that fires, disasters and life's unfortunate events happen every single day. These events can leave a broken path both financially and emotionally; where recovery lasts much longer than it should. 

As a Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS), I will guide you through a 3 -Step Process that will save you time and money while making sure that you have the best chance to fully recover after an unexpected disaster.

Recover from a Disaster Before One Ever Has the Chance to Show Up.

Quality Home Inventories and Appraisal Examinations

Designed for Faster Settlements 

So You Can Protect Your Family's Future

Inventory Packages start at $359

Get Your Home Inventory in 3 Easy Steps:


Call us today and learn how our Home Inventory Services can help you create a fortress of financial protection.


Do more of what YOU love while a Certified Inventory Specialist crosses off the most important item on your To-Do-List


If life's unfortunate event shows up at your door, be confident you can take the right step forward with the documentation you NEED.

Inventory Packages start at $359


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Express Inventory

Perfect for Your Apartment, Condo or Lake Home / Rental

  • Documentation of Personal Property (up to 3 hours onsite)

  • Digital Photo Documentation

  • Inventory Reports​

    • By Category

    • By Location​



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Premium Inventory

Perfect for Medium to Large Homes 

  • Documentation of Personal Property (up to 8 hours onsite)

  • Digital Photo Documentation

  • Inventory Reports

    • By Location​

    • By Category

  • Free Year Subscription of HomeZada Premium

  • Free Inventory Updates and Safe Storage for 1 year.

  • 10% off Collections Inventory



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All- Inclusive Inventory

Do More of What You Love. We'll Handle Everything.

  • Documentation of Personal Property (up to 2 days onsite)

  • Digital Photo Documentation

  • Inventory Reports

    • By Location

    • By Category

  • Free Year Subscription to HomeZada Premium

  • Free Inventory Updates and Safe Storage for 1 Year

  • Video Documentation 

    • Interior and Exterior​

  •  Collections Inventory




One Valuable Service. 
Lifetime Uses.

Disaster Prep is just the tip of the iceberg.
Our Home Inventory service also helps you with: